Pre-law students, law students, practitioners, and others might find unexpected, and possibly life-changing, rewards from browsing in the physical “stacks” of a law library, particularly in the sections listed below (with associated call numbers from two classification systems).

     Even books that were first shelved decades ago might suggest topics for contemporary (re)consideration; and even the most specialized analyses of legal issues might be useful sources of perspective and/or inspiration.

    Of course, using a book’s title for a search on Amazon could quickly identify more recent and/or practical discussions of the same topic.

    For a deeper engagement with legal research resources and strategies, and with a community of experts in their use, the American Association of Law Libraries, an organization dedicated to “championing the value of legal information and legal information professionals,” offers a (week)daily e-mail newsletter, a variety of publications, and other educational and networking opportunities.

   The annual (June 1 – May 31) membership rate for college students and law students is $70 (and for non-students, $281).

   (In 2023, National Library Week is April 23-29.)

K50-54   [KF 156] Dictionaries; Words and Phrases

K58        [KF159]  Maxims; Quotations

K85-89   [KF240-247] Legal Research (including using Artificial Intelligence)

K94        [KF250-251] Legal Writing and Drafting

K100-103 [KF261-292] Legal Education; Succeeding in Law School

K115-130 [KF297-334] Legal Profession (including Legal Ethics)

K140-165 [KF350-374] History of Law

K170       Biography

BF318-575 Psychology, including: Decision-making; Learning; Attention; and Motivation

BF637 Negotiating

Traditional First-Year Courses:

K720-792   [KF566-698] Real Property

K923-968   [KF1246-1327] Torts

K1024-1045 [KF801-839; KF 911-935] Contracts (Sales of Goods)

K2100-2385 [KF8810-9075] Civil Procedure

K3154-3370 [KF4501-5130]  Constitutional Law

K5000-5582 [KF9201-9461; KF9601-9760] Criminal Law and Procedure